We are an MBA admissions consulting firm based in NYC.
We provide expert guidance to business school candidates around the globe.
We are exceptional at what we do.

We are not a volume business.
We do not sell $30 insider guides to boost revenue.
And we never hire fresh MBA grads to boost our roster of “expert consultants”.

We are a different kind of consulting firm:
Passionate about our work, committed to our candidates, dedicated to our craft.
We push our candidates to achieve their true potential...
and we work our asses off to help them get into the school of their dreams.





Our approach is different. And by different, we mean better.


Unlike volume-based consulting firms, we only work with a small number of truly motivated candidates, each of whom receives an unparalleled level of personalized attention. 


We were founded on the belief that MBA candidates deserve honest, principled guidance. We don’t cut corners, and never up-sell you to boost our numbers.


Justin brings nearly a decade of admissions consulting knowledge to the table. He knows the ins & outs of all the top MBA programs, and has the inside scoop on what adcom members think.


“Good enough” isn’t good enough in our book. We’re committed to you and your candidacy, and will keep on pushing until all of your materials are truly “great”. 


We’ll never give you an approved company template that makes your essay look like everyone else’s. We work from the inside out, ensuring that your experiences and values dictate the shape and content of every essay you write.  


We’re happy to work weekends. We don’t require 48-hour turnarounds. We’ll make time for your schedule—no matter what time zone you’re in. 


  • I had the most amazing experience working with Justin!
    I honestly cannot speak highly enough about him.

    —Admitted to Wharton with fellowship
  • He works with you until the resume, essays and all the other materials are flawless…no matter how many drafts it might take.

    —Admitted to Kellogg
  • Above all, Justin’s thoughtfulness and empathy allows him to guide candidates in crafting an MBA application the right way.

    —Admitted to HBS
  • Thank you, Justin!
    I seriously never could have made it through this process without you and all your help!!

    —Admitted to MIT Sloan


We offer two distinct types of services to meet your needs.

With our comprehensive packages, you choose how many schools to apply to, and we
help you with all of the materials, with no limits on the number of hours or drafts.

We also provide hourly services to candidates who have a limited budget,
want a simple sanity check, or only need help with certain materials.

Regardless of which plan you choose, we provide comprehensive
services for every element of your business school application:


Whether it’s a straightforward “goals” question or an open-ended philosophical essay, we take the time to dig deep and help you discover the message you want to convey.


We never send you off to write without first providing a thorough outline to ensure proper logic and narrative structure. And it’s never a tired old template that all our clients use.


We terminate typos, slash excess words, tame your overeager verbosity, and put your apostrophes where they belong…all while preserving your own distinct voice and style.


We give your tired old functional resume a facelift, optimizing it for admissions readers.



We help you choose your recommenders and prepare talking points that will guide them to writing the most effective recommendations.


We don’t just proofread application forms. We go through each and every short answer to maximize its impact.



We hold your hand through the excruciating limbo that is “being waitlisted,” and help you determine the best course of action to getting upgraded to “acceptance class”.


Meet our database of frequently asked interview questions. We promise you’ll like it, almost as much as our custom-tailored prep sessions.




No one grows up with dreams of being an admissions consultant. It’s a career you almost always discover by chance—or even by accident—and usually after a fairly circuitous professional journey. This was certainly true for me; yet from the day I worked with my first MBA candidate back in 2007, I knew I had discovered a calling that was perfectly matched with my background in writing, education, and mentorship.

I’ve been a professional writer for two decades, and have worn nearly every hat in the business. As a journalist, editor, and copywriter, I’ve contributed to numerous publications and websites including Fortune.com, Computer World, City Pages, and The Huffington Post. As an award-winning screenwriter and member of the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA), I have sold and optioned feature-length screenplays, screened work at numerous film festivals and created film and media work that has appeared on PBS, The Cooking Channel, ITVS, The New York Times, and TeenVogue. Finally, I wrote the book on essay writing—literally—through How To Write An Essay, published in 2006 by Spark Publishing. Intended for a high school and college audience, the book sold over 16,000 copies and was included on the Recommended Reading list for several universities and other academic institutions. My other published work includes the introduction to the book Film Classics, various short fiction and non-fiction pieces, and a 500-word Yelp! review for the worst burrito ever created in New York City (a city with many bad burritos).

Throughout my career I’ve also looked for opportunities to teach and mentor, given my passion for education and helping people fulfill their career aspirations. In addition to teaching film studies and production classes at Columbia University, I’ve taught English as a Second Language in both in the U.S. and Japan, and have four years of experience as an adjunct professor, where I taught writing, editing, and film directing, as well as leading career development seminars.

My career as an admissions consultant began in 2007, when I joined the boutique educational consulting firm Forster-Thomas as an Essay Coach. My background in screenwriting proved to be the perfect preparation to assist MBA candidates—just like I helped multi-dimensional characters come to life in films, I was able to help intelligent and motivated young professionals express their own complex views, values, and aspirations in structured and compelling essays. During my 7-year tenure at Forster-Thomas, I was promoted to Senior Coach, led the training of new admissions coaches, and became an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants of America (IECA).

I launched Justin Marshall Consulting with the goal of offering MBA candidates across the globe an unrivaled level of expertise, personalized service, and creative guidance. Over the course of my career, I’ve helped applicants from over a dozen countries across five continents gain acceptance into every one of the Top 20 business schools in the U.S. World News and Report list. My clients’ success at Wharton (85% success rate over 8 years) has led to my nickname, “The Wharton Whisperer.”

I hold a BA from Macalester College, an MFA in Screenwriting from Columbia University, and a certification in mixology. I speak mediocre Japanese and play numerous musical instruments. I live in NYC.





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Here's what some of Justin's candidates have to say about him.


Investment Management Associate

Working with Justin was a fantastic experience… Justin was attentive and flexible every step of the way, by phone, email, or in-person. He gave realistic, actionable advice on the crucial decisions of school selection and positioning, while going down into the weeds for essays, short-answers, and interview preparation. Above all, Justin’s thoughtfulness and empathy allows him to guide candidates in crafting an MBA application the right way – not as a collection of accolades and formulaic responses, but as a mirror against which an adcom can experience the fullness of a candidate’s personality and talent.



Sustainability Manager

Justin challenged me to dig deeper to understand what drives me and why I’ve made certain decisions throughout my life. He helped me turn my background and ideas for the future into a cohesive storyThis type of guided self reflection – while challenging, and at a times, hair pulling-ly annoying – certainly made a significantly more interesting application. I’m thrilled by all the acceptances I received and am excited to head to Haas in the Fall.



Global Consumer Banking Associate

Thanks, Justin, for all your help!  You are an amazing consultant – witty, caring and creative!!



Investment Management Associate

Justin encourages and guides you to achieve your best work. He really gets to know you and provides very helpful instruction based on your strengths and your brand. He works with you until the resume, essays and all the other materials are flawless—no matter how many drafts it might take.


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